Tuesday, June 3, 2008

lullabies and long goodbyes

if i could just see you again
i'd make sure to say goodbye.
we never even had 'hello'
and all that word implies.

i'd catch the words slipping from your lips,
take the sadness from your eyes
steal one last look, to tuck away,
keep in my pocket for the day
i can't recall your face.

i would, i would, i would.

if i could just see you again
i'd have you sing me off to sleep.
you'd whisper me a melody
i'd pray for you my heart to keep.

i'd catch the tune falling from your mouth
so selfishly i'd keep you here
take the moonlight from your eye
steal the sun out of the sky
so i could hear your voice.

i would, i would, i would.

i'd promise you a long goodbye
but promises are soon to die.
i'd steal your sorrow and your grief
but i always was a rotten thief.
you'd sing me a lullaby
stand on tiptoes, reach the sky.

i wouldn't even beg a 'hello.'
i would be content with a goodbye.
i wouldn't ask to follow you
if you would just sing a lullaby.

i would offer you my little world.

i would, i would, i would,
if you would.


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