Tuesday, June 3, 2008

dreamer's ode

while in myself a battle rages,
i pour myself out in these pages.
for what is life without a dream?
and yet, without life, it would seem
we've no foundation for the dream.

one or the other, that's the cry
that we must ponder, by and by.

how could we dream if not for life?
inventing romance, leaving strife.
the dream is best that could be real.
the dream is best that makes you feel
as though you're dreaming passions real.

but in myself, a question raises
how can i not sing the dream's praises?

though life is good for some foundation,
i thirst for imagination,
for dreams fantastic, lovely, sweet -
without them, life is incomplete.
i lose myself in wonders sweet.

some eschew dreams; my heart of hearts
can't bear the gloom such life imparts.

shall i forget desire - no!
but if you're leaving me, then go.
for i know there's many'a worse fate
than that you've left me as of late.
i lovingly embrace my fate.

life can be black, but hopes redeem.
some dream to live - i'll live to dream.


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